Finding & Sustaining Motivation

Partner with a Cankata group coach to explore the question “WHAT MOTIVATES ME?”


What Is This Program About?

Dreams and desires will often meet obstacles and obstructions. Finding and sustaining motivation digs into questions on passion, energy, fulfillment and intrinsic motivation. A Cankata coach works with participants to discover a motivation style that is within their control and unique to a belief that brings from answers to, “WHAT MOTIVATES ME?”

Sample Group Coaching Questions

What do you see around you that you want to fight for (or against)? What are you willing to pay a price for?

If you could invest the rest of your life and know you could change one thing in the world around you, what would it be? What led you to choose that?


An investment of $75 gives you 2 separate 1-hour coaching sessions with a Cankata coach with a maximum of 5 persons in the group.

*An investment of $15 for African residents


Date and time will be customized for each unique cohort.

"Attending the group coaching session and experiencing the collaborative drive of other group members helped challenge my perspectives and multiply my positive outcomes."
Emi Johnson Umoeka