Sharon Gainforth


Sharon Gainforth


Sharon Gainforth is the Founder and Director of Stepping Stones Fundy Region Inc (an intensive intervention agency for children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder). She has also founded a private practice, Fundy Professional Clinic and a non for profit, Kite Woche. Over the last 30 years, she has developed a unique skill set to work with children in this field as well as training parents and community members to work within this population.

Sharon enjoys being a leader in her community providing employment for over 130 employees in the greater Saint John area, New Brunswick, Canada. Her long term goal is to provide every child and youth in NB with the services and support they need to reach their maximum potential.

Community Leader

Sharon Gainforth is actively involved in her various communities, providing support, employment and interventions for members of her resident community and beyond.

Sharon's Community Work


Sharon Gainforth is the Founder, Director and Principal Contributor in the Fundy enterprise which includes Stepping Stones Fundy Region Inc., Fundy Professional Clinic and Fundy Learning Centre, all of which she uses to provide support, education, training and intervention for children and adults across a wide spectrum of physical and mental challenges. 

Industry Expert

Sharon Gainforth is an expert in Business Development and a proficient researcher, often combining her expertise in both to mastermind the creation of the different enterprise through which serves society.

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