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Tekena Ikoko (MBA EQCC)


Tekena Ikoko has authored over 16 books which have sold over half a million copies worldwide. Many of his books have been used by schools across Africa as curricula for social and emotional learning among teenage students. The relevance of his books is made all the more significant by the fact that his books and the subjects they address have found their applications in homes, schools, workplace, religious institutions, and every area of human relationships.

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Tekena Ikoko is a serial entrepreneur, a driven innovator and has founded various brands centered around helping individuals, homes, institutions and businesses to discover and maximize the best of themselves through creative systems. Through his brands, he has supported over 15,000 participants in personal development.

Globally Certified Coach

As a certified Jack Canfield Success Coach and a 6seconds certified Emotional Intelligence assessor, his vision is to joyfully inspire people through personal development and creative systems to get unleashed so that, together, they can achieve their highest good for the benefit of humanity.

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